• The Interstellar One group meeting all in person after a while, wonderful! And even better with JK (previous member) visiting [29.6.2023]
  • The paper lead by Tanita Ramburuth-Hurt on the chemical diversity within distant galaxies has been published on A&A. Galaxies are not chemically homogeneous! [29.3.2023]
  • Annalisa moved to Germany to work at ESO. Excited for this new chapter! [1.1.2023]
  • The paper lead by Christina Konstantopoulou characterizing the dust depletion of 18 metals from the Milky Way to distant galaxies is published on A&A today, check it out here. [30.9.2022]
  • A warm welcome to Anna Velichko in our group! As part of her postdoc, she will study the chemical properties of the neutral ISM in galaxies, and compare them to the chemical properties of stars. We are glad she managed to escape the war in Ukraine to work with us! [1.8.2022]
Artistic impression of our Milky Way. Pristine gas (magenta) accretes on the Galactic disk, but does not efficiently mix (zoomed-in patches). Image credit: Dr. Mark Garlick